Conscious City Guide With the Bharani Effect: August 28 Edition

The Bharani Effect aims to provide inspiration to live in harmony with the earth, each other & ourselves through a weekly conscious city guide + profiles of people, places and products from around the globe. They've partnered with Row+Rue to share a few conscious events with us each week. View the complete city guide here.

 Source: Reformation

Source: Reformation

New York. US.
NYC Apartment Recycling Training 

WHAT –  NYC Apartment Recycling Training
WHEN  –  Thursday 10 September

This FREE training, part of the NYC Apartment Building Recycling Initiative (ABRI), teaches you everything you’ll need to educate residents and staff in your building about how to recycle more and waste less.

We invite you to bring representatives from your building management, custodial staff, or interested residents to the ABRI trainings. When you RSVP, please make sure to include their names as well. Photo ID is required to enter the building. For all trainings, if not registered in ABRI already, complete the enrollment form.

 Source: The Seed

Source: The Seed

New York. US.
The Seed : Market

WHAT –  The Seed: Market
WHEN  –  Saturday 29 August
The Seed : MARKET brings together
the best local plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly businesses. We're celebrating a brand new ultimate food destination: Exhibit C

EXHIBIT C. is a fresh, organic space celebrating all that is food in the world. We blend food, wellness, entrepreneurship, and tech to create deliciously interesting classes, dinners, and events. Founded by haute vegetable chef Daphne Cheng, the space offers a platform for local + visiting chefs and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and reach new fans.

 Source: Food Alchemy

Source: Food Alchemy

Sydney. AUS.
Raw Foods & Whole Cooking

WHAT – Raw Foods & Whole Cooking
WHEN –  Thursday 3 Sept

Join Vanessa Jean, Food Alchemy, as she inspires you to create wholesome cooking and delicious raw delights, infused with pure essential oils.

Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, Grad. Dip Applied Psychology, has a raw food and wholefood cooking pedigree that is steeped in family tradition. Her background in psychology coupled with her career spanning two decades in aromatherapy, sound healing and raw and wholefood cooking give her a unique insight among her peers delivering holistic outcomes for her students that go far beyond teaching the combining of ingredients into meals that fuel our physical bodies. 

Each class is a journey and unfolding of knowledge that will infuse body, mind and spirit with renewed vigour and life through one of humankind's’ greatest loves….food!

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