Coco Rocha + Daughter in Matching Conscious Outfits - Could They Be Any Cuter?

 Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Mommy Coco Rocha and baby Iona are looking amazing (and conscious) head to little baby toe on Coco's Instagram. The saying is the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, but mini-Coco aka Iona is surely sprouting into her own, and fast. Little Miss Iona James Conran, who is not even one year old, has more Instagram game than you do - unless you are Beyonce who is reading this. She has a staggering 41.3K followers. This is one of Iona's first fully clothed outwear shoots to appear on the inter-web and mommy and baby are looking fantastic. Iona is wearing the Dia Dress from Vonbon, a Vancouver based designer that is dedicated to removing toxins from baby clothes while producing some rather cute baby wears. Mommy Coco is wearing some stylish Westward Leaning sunglasses - a celebrity favorite for the past few seasons. The mission-driven Westward Leaning donates 10% of each sale towards a charitable cause related to the design aesthetic of their glasses. The Vanguard 11's are inspired by the first Vanguard 11 space flight in the 1950s, and as such the National Science Teachers Association to keep the dream alive in youngsters across the United States. 

Get their eco-conscious style for you and your baby below, and be sure to check out the other posts from our #getitingreen series. 

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