Calu Rivero, the Yuccie-Cowgirl-Argentinian-EcoWarrior

Intersections in Argentina from the New York Times this week gives a quick glimpse in global Yuccie culture there - following a Argentinian actress Calu Rivero, a gallery owner, and a fashion blogger as they show off some of Argentinas most hip neighborhoods. Last summer I spent two weeks in Argentina and can vouch that Palermo, Soho and Hollywood - yes those are the names of the neighborhoods - are redefining themselves as the foci of the new urban culture rising in Buenos Arises. Some things, like names, are imported to add cache, but the stylites are anything but imports. Retaining local customs and aesthetics, these Yuccies are capitalizing on what it means to be part of a ever connected global conscious culture - an wave which influences Calo to wear only vegan leather, despite hailing from Argentina's gaucho lands. She's a cowgirl turned eco-warrior. For the full NyTimes interview, click here.

Moral of the Story: Take part how you can, where you can and it becomes part of you. This is the rise of conscious culture. 

Shop Calu's Eco-Warrior Style Here: