Here's Why You Take Style Advice from A Dog, A Conscious Edit.

We all know that when a dog is in the room it gets 90% of the attention because who can resist, well, those puppy dog eyes. But it isn't only dogs' playful, charismatic charm we can learn from, it's also their style. Yes, we're talking about Bodhi, also known as the Menswear Dog. Since hitting the fashion scene in 2007, he has been covered by the New York Times and even published a book, Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics. So we figured that if we want to be as hard to resist as this popular pooch, we better start taking some notes, which is why we put together this consciously curated, Bodhi-inspired style guide. Get his look below.


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Moral of the Story: Reduce your paw print and look good.