Style it Smarter: Common Area Apartment Hacks

If you're anything like me, your living space is your sanctuary. It's a place that you can come home to every day, grab a snack, cuddle up, and throw on some Netflix. It's a place that you can easily decorate, organize, de-clutter, and adjust to fit your mood. And what I've learned after moving from one cramped New York apartment to another is that figuring out how to maximize space and create design solutions that are versatile and impermanent are key.

A fun and easy way to do this is through starting with a neutral base, and adding pops of color. Like with any outfit, accessories are what takes a room to the next level - they're simple and seamlessly transformative. These apartment hacks show how you can easily use upcycled materials and conscious products to make your space seem bigger and better than ever.

Decorate HALF a Wall

Painting or decorating just the bottom half of a wall makes ceilings seem higher, giving the illusion of space. Protip: If you can't paint your walls, you can use (upcycled) fabric and starch to create makeshift wallpaper.

Command Hooks Are Your Best Friend

Need to find sneaky ways to get rid of clutter? Command hooks have got your back. They can even be used to hang a curtain rod. Patterned curtains will lead the eye upward and give the room a feeling of increased height.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers will add depth to a small room. You can add contrasting elements like throw pillows, textured rugs, shadow boxes, and floating shelves to create new dimensions.

Moral of the Story: You can easily create the illusion of space in a small space, and be conscious while doing it.

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