Style It Smarter: Bathroom Apartment Hacks

This year, I learned that the state of a bathroom can really set the tone for your day. This seems obvious, right? But let me tell you, after dealing with extremes from no hot water and a squat toilet in Turkey to a mold infested bathroom in a new apartment, a clean space with warm water never seemed like such a luxury. I've learned that making your bathroom an oasis is as simple as adding a nice details (like plushy towels) and tidying it up. Plus, you can easily make your bathroom cleaner and more eco-friendly in a few easy steps. 

Use low-flow shower heads and sinks

Low-flow shower heads save water, which helps the environment and minimizes your water bill. And you can't even tell the difference between typical and low-flow alternatives. It's a win-win!

Clean with Natural Products

DIY cleaners are simple, effective and cheap. For cleaning the bathroom, vinegar and baking soda are your best friends, and you probably already have them in your kitchen cabinet. No toxic chemicals needed! Natural beauty products also means less chemicals going on your skin and down the drain.

Stay Organized

Need more counter space? Tired of having no place to store your towel? Buzzfeed's shares some great ideas for de-cluttering your bathroom space so you can breath a little easier.

Moral of the Story: Bathroom or Spa? A little DIY and some eco-friendly fixes can make all the difference. 

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