Adidas Just Debuted This At The United Nations, And It’s Big.

 Image source: Parley

Image source: Parley

Adidas just teamed up with ocean activist group Parley for the Oceans to design a shoe that fuses their interests into one, and they made the announcement this week at their meeting "Oceans. Climate. Life." for the United Nations General Assembly. If you are not familiar with Parley, they are a group of designers, influencers, activists, artists and business people committed to having humans "stay on earth" by taking responsible action to combat climate change and pollution. Some of their most famous members include Fabian Cousteau, Pharell Williams, Safia Minney, David LaChapelle and Julian Schnabel. They see creatives as the creators of our global problem - with bad business, and urge us to acknowledge those shortfalls and make it lucrative to protect the earth and environment - and we have about 10 years to change our course. 

In past few years the UN has become a place where celebrities are going to defend the planet and human rights, ahem Angelina Jolie, and Parley is seeking to pull brands like Adidas on this bandwagon to reach global leadership and present their visions for the future. 

Their collab shoe addresses the destructive force man-made pollution is having on the oceans. By rescuing plastics from the oceans, they are giving a new life and movement to things otherwise seen as trash. The shoes take plastic, turn it into thread and creates a form fitting trainer. Rescuing refuse from the ocean is still a new trend in sourcing. Companies like EcoAlf and others are doing more and more of each season with their products.  

Watch the full presentation below and check out the images of the Adidas shoe, to hit markets before the end of 2015. 

Image source: Parley

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