Fashion Fights Back: How Patagonia and Indigenous are Taking a Stand for the Environment

Fashion Fights Back: How Patagonia and Indigenous are Taking a Stand for the Environment

Indigenous Fair Trade fashion is once again taking the lead when it comes to the environment. 

Ruh Roh... Donald Trump Making Indonesia Great Again?

Add this to the list of contradictory statements Donald Trump has made. A recent BuzzFeed investigation found that Amazon lists suits from Trump’s clothing line as both “Imported” and “Made in the USA.” Besides the obviously that both can't be true, it's also illegal to claim clothing is made in the USA, which as it turns out, Trump's suits are not.

After a few BuzzFeed staffers ordered the suit, they found it made in Indonesia. 

Although a few weeks back according to an Amazon user's comment, the Amazon had them listed as "Made in China." This sadly means, Trump has no idea where his clothing was made, which likely means that it is produced shady manufacturing subsidiaries that use sweatshop labor conditions. 

Like Donald Trump himself, this suit is undoubtedly toxic and we recommend you stay as far away as possible.





Meet Eislee: The Scarf you wish you had ahead of Winter Storm Jonas


Memories of that 70 degree Christmas are long gone. If you are on the East Coast this weekend boy are you wishing you had one of these scarves in your closet right now. In case you don't, be prepared for the next snow storm.  Make sure to get one because we still have 3 months of cold, and it will definitely snow again. 

It's rare that a new brand is so on top of everything, especially the supply chain. On top of that it's even rarer to find a new brand with such amazing and responsible manufacturing. But that's what Eislee is all about. Beautiful products that make a difference in the world. 

Eislee was a brand started with the belief that creating chic, effortless apparel and accessories and producing with focus on mindful sourcing and manufacturing should not be mutually exclusive . Taking versatile designs and translating it into quality pieces by using only 100% baby alpaca yarn, knitted together in a quality production facility in Lima, Peru (which also produces for many other brands including Rag & Bone, Free People, Elie Tahari and Calvin Klein) results in clothing that you can wear everyday, and for many years to come.

Baby alpaca has a softness and texture similar to cashmere, but with extra long fibers, meaning all of Eislee pieces can handle significant wear without pilling. Baby alpaca is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Contrary to its name, it comes from the neck and belly of alpacas, not the babies. Eislee's baby alpaca is sourced from the Peruvian highlands and hand-sorted to ensure the highest quality. 

Want more? Investing in quality helps create a better fashion industry - less waste and pollution, plus ethical working conditions and fair wages for the farmers and factory workers behind their  warm comfy scarves. Sounds like a win-win to us.

The Brand Story

The idea for Eislee was born in Summer 2014, shortly before Founder Sara Raffa began her MBA at Chicago Booth. While on a trip to Peru, Sara fell in love with alpaca fiber for its luxuriousness and affordability, seeing it is a unique alternative to cheap wools and overpriced cashmere. Becoming frustrated with the poor quality of fast fashion clothing, Sara set out with a goal to introduce alpaca to a broader more stylish US market in order to share this unique material and create positive social change in the fashion industry. Sara’s vision for Eislee is to build a brand that focuses on quality pieces that her customers will love to wear over and over again thanks to their lasting quality and effortless style.

The Name

The name Eislee (pronounced ai-slee) comes from a story in which a young boy is throwing starfish back into the ocean after thousands have washed ashore. An old man asks the boy what he is doing, noting there is no way he can save all the starfish before they die in the morning sun - he will never make a difference. As the young boy throws another starfish back into the ocean, he replies, “It made a difference for that one.” This story, called The Star Thrower, is written by author Loren Eiseley.

We need more brands like Eiseley in the world of fashion. To support such an incredible, designer, mission and brand you can find their beautiful scarves here:

Nature Needs Heroes: Timberland A Global Leader in Sustainability and Shoes

You probably know Timberlands for their commercials (they were the first boot brand to advertise on TV) or for their constant appearances in rap videos. One fact that's less known about the Timberland empire is that the shoe brand is one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

Timberland announced recently it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 53 percent since 2006 (achieving almost half of that [23 percent] in 2013) and it now derives 31 percent of its energy from renewable sources — exceeding two of its 2015 sustainability goals almost two years ahead of schedule.

Timberland attributes these accelerated results in 2013 to a higher use of renewable energy sources in its European headquarters and distribution centers, such as its 100 percent wind-powered, BREEAM-certified (the European equivalent of LEED) distribution center in Eschede, Holland.

"Timberland's emission reductions and steadfast commitment to the use of renewable energy are truly impressive," said Anne Kelly, director of BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy) at Ceres. "The company has long been a pioneer both in CSR and in standing up for meaningful federal policy action. Today's achievements underscore Timberland's well-earned reputation for sustainability leadership."

Congrats to Timberland for such a well deserved award and achieving it's goals ahead of time. If only US Congress could keep pace...