7 Organic Products to Solve Your Summer Beauty Emergencies

Most of us love the warm, sun-kissed days of summer - when we don't have to look cute, that is. Stepping outside into the humid, sticky furnace that is the NYC this time of year is a recipe for becoming a hot mess. We've rounded up a few of our favorite summer essentials to keep you looking chic despite the heat. 


1. Facial Cleansing Gel by Acure Organics

Acure's facial cleansing gel gives your skin a refreshing deep clean without irritation. Made from all-natural, organic, and fair trade certified ingredients and voted Best of Natural Beauty by Better Nutrition, this cleanser will remove that sticky feeling and reduce the blemishes that summer brings.


2. Multipurpose Mattifying Moisturizer by My Prime

Some of us want to avoid the 'dewy glow' of summer, and this moisturizer does just the trick. Use it as a primer before you put on foundation for longer lasting wear or to resolve dry spots and irritation. Don't believe us? Read about all the Birchbox customers who loved it too.


3. Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo by One Love Organics

Let's be real,washing and styling our hair everyday is a chore. Make your hair last a few days longer with this dry shampoo. Unlike aerosol dry shampoos, which often feel sticky, this natural powder absorbs excess oils and re-volumizes. 


4. Sun Rescue Cream by Max Green Alchemy

Whether your skin is sunburnt or irritated, this cream will do the trick. Its mix of vitamins, oils, and nutrients quickly reduces inflammation and tenderness. GMO-free, PETA approved, and vegan, it's like aloe vera, but better!


5. Weightless Eye Cream by My Prime

Summer is for long days and sleepless nights. This eye cream will help you reduce dark circles and puffiness and make you look well rested and put together even if you aren't. Plus, My Prime supports sustainable farming practices in the Philippines and uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in the US, making their products a win-win.


6. Amazonia Preciosa Coconut Hair Mask by Surya Brasil

Nothing screams summer like coconut. Refresh and rehydrate those sun damaged locks with this coconut oil based hair mask. Bonus: It smells like a tropical island - imagine you're on vacation every time you use it.


7. Organic Honey Purifying Masque by Lotus Moon

This mask is as sweet (and versatile) as honey! Whether you need a deep, revitalizing clean after a long week or you want to use it to target problem areas, honey's anti-bacterial properties and vitamins supports the skins renewal process, so your skin will bounce back faster than ever.

Moral of the Story: Keep up the good vibes and looks with all natural beauty remedies.