5 Killer Jeans Companies That are Made in America

Donald Trump talks a lot about "making America great again,"  yet that famous hat, with that very slogan on it, isn't made here on our shores. When asked why not, his reply was that "it's very hard to have apparel made in this country," and nobody is willing to make stuff here.

Well, what Donald Trump says turns out not to be true. Here are 5 incredibly authentic, high-quality denim brands that are proudly making America great again. 

1. Baldwin Denim

A relatively new brand that's not even a decade old, Baldwin Denim has already made its mark with high praise and top marks from GQ and Vogue. Worn by the likes of JZ and Jason Sudeikis, Baldwin Denim is proudly made in factories in Kansas City and Los Angeles. You can find pairs for both men and women on their site starting for about $200

Baldwin Denim: http://baldwin.co/


2. BLuer Denim

A favorite of Row+Rue, Bluer is not only made in America, every piece of the jean is sourced here. From the cotton, to the recycled buttons to the zippers, everything is designed, handcrafted and constructed here in the USA. With offices in Portland and factories in L.A. Bluer is certainly making America great again. What's even better is that for a starting price of $90 these jeans are downright affordable. Grab your pair here:  http://www.bluerdenim.com/



3.  Buck Mason

Buck Mason was founded with the ideals of Americana at its heart. Their selvage denim is sourced from mills in North Carolina while their style eschews fashion trends for timeless design and durability. What makes Buck Mason’s so special is the simplicity with which they design their jeans. Constructed in L.A. Buck Mason is quickly solidifying its reputation as one of the best American Made denim choices on the market. Head over to Buck Mason's site to try a pair on: https://www.buckmason.com/

4. Taylor and Stitch  

Much like Bluer Denim, Taylor Stitch can proudly boast of a completely American Made supply chain. Each design is hand sewn in California with fabric sourced from Greensboro, North Carolina, hardware from Lawrenceburg Kentucky and leather from Curwnesville, Pennsylvania. This handmade approach means that Taylor Stitch brings an almost nostalgic personal touch to its designs. If you want to really feel throwback, you can go to one of its "workshops" to get an even more personalized denim experience. Another similarity to Bluer Denim is their matching killer price points. A pair of Taylor and Stitch will only set you back $100 further proving that American manufacturing can still compete! 

Taylor and Stich: https://www.taylorstitch.com/


5. Tellason Unlike almost every U.S. made jean company where the denim is made in L.A., Tellason is made in San Fransisco and the brand seems to capture the mix of bold innovation and imagination that defines the region. For founders Tony and Pete launched attention to detail and quality were indispensable. Eight years since launching Tellason, it looks like they are on to something. Unlike the others on this list, Tellason jeans are more of an investment with most pairs well above $200. However, if you can afford the luxury, you won't regret it and you'll keep these bad boys for years. 

Tellason: https://www.tellason.com/