5 All Natural DIY Cleaning Hacks for a Toxic Free Home

Just like in food, when it comes to cleaning products, the fewer ingredients the better. Most of the time, we rely on Method products. Method is one of those special companies that makes a great product while still incorporating sustainability into every facet of the supply chain from their ethical ingredient sourcing and cutting-edge green chemistry to their recycled/recyclable packaging. 

Still, sometimes even simpler, ingredients that you already have flying around the house will do. You'll be shocked what a few choice items from your pantry can do and how clean your house will look! To find out about a few old-school all natural DIY tricks, we turned to author Lucy Lethbridge, who has documented time worn cleaning solutions in her new book Mind Your Manors “In this book I have gathered nearly two centuries of cleaning tips from the memoirs of servants themselves, from housekeeping guides and advice manuals,” she writes. 

Here are a few of our favorites:


1. Salt
You Might Want to avoid over salting your food, but when it comes to the home, it's your secret weapon. According to Lethbridge, a teaspoon of salt with keep flowers blooming longer while sprinkling it on polished furniture can help remove water stains. 

Want to get that pesky water circle that's been their forever?!?! Dab salt on a cloth and rub briskly. 

2. The Sun

Bleach is a harmful product that is terrible for your skin and even worse when it gets into the environment. Instead of bleach, you can hang your whites outside. But, be careful. Direct sunlight actually surprisingly turns your clothing yellow. It's actually best to hang whites to dry in indirect sun or on cloudy days (Pacific Northwest - you're in luck!)


3. Onions

Bad for your breath, but great to freshen up the house. Weird huh. Apparently, onions are a very effective way to restore luster to metallic services. According to Lethbridge's book, if you boil a few onions in water for an hour or so, you can then use the onion water to restore color and shine to dull picture frames and appliances. 


4. Lemons

This one makes sense. After all aren't lemons the main ingredient in Pinesol and all those other (actually toxic) floor cleaners? Lemons are great as a cleaning agent in general and lemon juice can help take odors out of things such as your fridge. They are particularly good though when you dip already-squeezed lemons into salt before scrubbing them on copper pots and pans. Rinse, dry and viola. 


5. Vodka

Yep, that's right vodka. We already knew it was a disinfectant, but it's also a great way to clean porcelain, glass and chrome fixtures. A bottle of your cheapest vodka (don't splurge for the good kind to clean) will have your surfaces shining like new. Simply dab some on a towel and go to town on the spots that need it. Thankfully, the smell dissipates too, so your friends won't think your a closet alcoholic. And when it comes to using this alcohol, the more the merrier.... Unlike your Friday night.