4 Easy Steps To Simplifying Your Wardrobe

Cleansing is hard. Whether you're trying to clean up your diet or purge your closet, cutting things from your lifestyle is no easy task. Be More With Less talks about how we can 'live in the land of enough' by doing one simple thing - making space. WhoWhatWear zeroed in on their four-pile tactic to cleaning out our closets and created this easy to follow graphic (below). 

As much as we love simplifying, minimizing, and caring for our clothes, there's one important step in this four-pile tactic that needs to be changed. Pile 4 advises to throw out items that aren't in good condition. Don't throw them away, recycle them! Even clothes that aren't in good enough condition to be resold can be repurposed into rags and other textiles. This will help divert these clothes from landfills, where 85% of textile waste ends up. Programs like ModaCycle, in conjunction with Green Tree Recycling, makes it extra easy. Just email service@modavanti.com, receive a shipping label, send your stuff, and get store credit for recycling instead of trashing your garments. It's a win-win!

Even better, before you need to resort to the 4-Pile Strategy, when you make a purchase think of at least five ways to wear the piece and, as our friend Joshua Katcher of the Brave Gentleman likes to put it, remember that you are an active citizen investor rather than a passive consumer.

Moral of the Story: Simplifying your closet can be made easy, but investing in clothes that matter (and that you won't want to get rid of) is also part of the process.