2016's Top 10 Coolest Fashion Sites that You Need to Know

Article taken From the Huffington Post... 

Staying trendy in the fashion department is something that much of society aims to do. It is difficult to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends. Newer startups, like those introducing themselves in 2016, make shopping easier. They also make it easier to know what is in-style is at the moment you’re shopping with them. These 10 fashion startups are just the tip of the iceberg as dozens of new fashion startups are emerging this year.

1. Cuyana

Based in San Francisco, Cuyana focuses its efforts on providing products that last. This fashion startup provides quality content for shoppers to read to help maintain a smaller wardrobe while fitting into current and changing fashion trends. The idea of Cuyana is to embellish upon the “Lean Closet Movement”, meaning that clothing items are bought for a purpose and with the intention of being worn frequently rather than making purchases just for special occasions.

2. Modavanti

Modavanti is a leader in eco-friendly fashion retailers. It is very particular as to the designers it features in its online store. Designers must meet a long list of criteria to certify that the products are American made, organic, and eco-friendly. For those that are environmentalists, this service is ideal because the founder, David Dietz believes that shoppers should be able to shop based upon their personal values.

3. Electroloom

With 3D printing gaining industry attention, it was only a matter of time before it became part of the fashion industry. Electroloom makes 3D seamless fabrics. This will allow clothing designers and manufacturers to complete on-site orders for custom-made clothing. Electroloom will stay focused in the textile industry for use in making clothing before branching off into other industries.

4. Daniel Christian Tang

Three founders came together to form Daniel Christian Tang. This startup re-invents jewelry using 3D printing. Each piece of jewelry is considered to be a “wearable piece of art”. The designs can be more intricate and customized. Using inspiration from the arts, architecture and fashion, timeless pieces of jewelry can be re-imagined to fit modern preferences.

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