Texas Gives a Red Light to the 'Green' Tesla

Really, Texas??

The state that has given us Rick Perry, crazy scary biker gangs and conceal and carry handgun laws has struck again. This time not by what it is introducing to the world, but instead what it's taking away.

The state legislature ruled last week that Tesla's direct-to-consumer model was unfair competition to the traditional car dealership model meaning that unless you go out of state (or Tesla changes its business model and sells through third parties), if you live in Texas, you won't be able to own a Tesla, whose Model S was rated greenest car in 2014. Even if you do, Texas has shown no urgency in making it's roads and gas stations electric car friendly. So much for being able to have the freedom as a conscious consumer. So long cool cars and saving the earth when you drive!  What happened to that "free market" that Governor Perry holds so dear?

Uber and Walmart were also big losers in Texas last week with Walmart being banned from selling liquor because it's a publicly traded company (yeah, really) and Uber failing to gain legal status statewide because...?

Moral of the Story: Austin is cool and weird, but when it comes to progress and promoting electric cars (you know, the future of the industry), Texas gets a failing grade.