Roberta's Pizza: Brooklyn's Locally Grown Pizzeria

Last Weekend while out in Brooklyn a friend suggested that we stop in front of Roberta's, a large brick and corrugated metal building covered in graffiti, promising that it had some of the best pizza we would ever taste. Knowing our love for locally grown produce, he also emphasized that they had a garden where they grow some of their ingredients - how could we say no.

The main restaurant, where we ate, gave off a hip Brooklyn vibe, and was outfitted with long wooden picnic tables, hanging strands of lights, and a small bar area towards the back, where we were able to snag a seat and avoid the thirty minute wait (at 11 PM on a Sunday), which tells you just how popular this spot is. The Roberta's space also has an adjoining outdoor bar and seating area, bakery, events space, and reservation only Michelin-star tasting restaurant called Blanca on the premises. 

 Photo Credit: Spoiled NYC

Photo Credit: Spoiled NYC

We struggled to pick the best pizza from the menu, which changes periodically, but eventually chose the Speckenwolf, which was topped with house-made mozzarella, speck, mushrooms, onion, and oregano. But what really set Roberta's apart, and what they're most known for, is the crust. Reminiscent of naan, this delicate, airy bread was the perfect bed for the melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella, and though we weren't sure whether or not all of the vegetables came from the garden, everything felt fresher just knowing that there were vegetables growing a few steps away from us. 

If you live in New York, a mural-viewing, pizza eating day should definitely be on your agenda. If not, Roberta's frozen pizzas are also sold at Whole Foods, and people have posted recipes trying to crack the secret to their dough - so get cooking.

Moral of the Story: Local agriculture and urban farming may be found where you least expect it - and it'll make your pizza taste extra good.

Learn more about their garden and how they upcycle below.