Do You Count as a 'Conscious Consumer'?

As people who are constantly reading and writing about Conscious Culture, sometimes we forget to step back and think more deeply about what living consciously and being a conscious consumer means. To us it's about shopping our values - choosing organic and fair trade, thinking about where and how our products are made - even if that means spending a little bit more. It means valuing quality over quantity and setting trends instead of following short-term fads. 

This got us thinking - does our definition align with others who consider themselves 'conscious consumers'? To answer this question we dug up Nielsen's 2012 study about who the conscious consumer is, and here's what we found:


1. Conscious Consumers are young, environmentally conscious, and willing to pay more.


2. Conscious Consumers do not care about all causes equally.

How are we conscious consumers? We make a point to identify what causes we care about and shop our values. We challenge ourselves to things like Fashion Diets, choose to shop on consciously curated sites, attend clothes swaps and thrifting parties, develop style 'uniforms', pushing ourselves beyond the idea of disposable fashion, getting ultra-creative with how we mix and match our signature pieces.

Of course, we've had our struggles, which is why we identify so much with Sarah Lazarovik's collection of paintings and essays entitled "I Bunch of Pretty Little Things I Did Not Buy". She comically take us through her year as she tries to buy less and buy better. At one point she realizes that "part of maturing is realizing I don't want to be a glutton for rayon." 

Sarah's deeply relatable one-liners keep us laughing, while painting an extremely accurate picture of choices that conscious consumers struggle with (and ultimately overcome!)

Moral of the Story: Conscious Consumers shop their values, find creative alternatives, and might even end up with a few fun stories.