Get #GrannyHair More 'Naturally'

If the old adage 'the older, the wiser' applies, then more and more women are trying to appear wiser than their years. Yes, we're talking about the granny hair trend. With nearly 25,000 #GrannyHair posts on Instagram, and many youthful 'grannies' spotted all around the city, we couldn't help but wonder how all these women are transforming their colorful locks and keeping them healthy afterwards. Of course, we know bleach, toner, and dye is the typical process (or maybe just dye for you lucky blondes), which means lots of time and lots of damage.

So how are these #grannyhair girls looking so flawless? Painstaking care and aftercare of course. If you're interested, Buzzfeed goes through a detailed step-by-step process of how to get the perfect salt and pepper look. But what we're most excited about is how you can substitute chemically-intensive products for more natural ones.

We stumbled across Surya Brasil at the Union Square Earth Day Festival and have been hooked ever since! Their mission is to 'detox your beauty,' and they do just that. Their 'silver fox' henna cream will make your hair look almost as good as George Clooney in Aloha, AND it's ammonia free, paraben free, organic, fair trade, vegan, and much, much more. For a complete list of all the unhealthy ingredients they don't use, visit their site.

Surya also has a line of ultra-hydrating leave-in conditioners and hair masks, so when all is said and done, your hair may look like you were born in 1940, but it'll feel as soft as a baby's.

Know anyone who's rocking the granny hair? Send us some pics!

Moral of the Story: Trendy doesn't have to be toxic.