Be Conscious and Cali-Cool Wherever You Are

Image Credits: Tumblr

Even though we're New Yorkers, we admit that the Cali way of life has a certain appeal to it. For decades anthems have been written to the Golden State (cue California Dreamin). But how do you live the Cali lifestyle? And more importantly, how do you live the Cali lifestyle on the East Coast? 

Born and raised in California, one of our editors has put together a bi-coastal guide to living consciously, the California Way.

1. The Attire

In their down time, California men are all about snapbacks, bro-tanks, and beers. The hardcore ones may even be seen wearing a pair of trunks and sandals to work, (yes, I've seen this happen), because an impromptu beach trip is always on the radar.

Whether you're on the West Coast or the East Coast, you can mix and match these pieces to make you feel like you live in an eternal summertime, at least until October hits. The brands below don't only give off a beachy feel, they all contribute to making the earth healthier. Both Arbor Collective and Iron & Resin produce in the US, and Arbor Collective works reduce their carbon footprint by restoring forest lands in Hawaii. TwoThirds directly contributes 10% of profits to Oceana to help protect the oceans, so when you hit the beach in these clothes, you're helping it too.

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2. The Slang

Dude - Use it to address anyone and everyone. 'Dude' knows no discrimination. It can also be used as an exclamation (i.e. 'Dude!'). 'Nough said.

Dank - This means cool or good. You'll often hear it coming out of our mouths as we shovel in fistfuls of food. (i.e. 'These nachos are dank.')

Gnarly - 'Gnarly' is what you make it, whether you're about to go shred the gnar, talking about the gnarly weather, or anything in between.

If these words still don't make sense to you (*cough* New Yorkers), see video below.

3. The Hangouts

 Photo Credit: John Fowler

Photo Credit: John Fowler

On a good day, the ultimate hang out is a beach day followed by a few drinks. If you're on the West Coast, get started early for a surf sesh near Huntington Beach pier followed by drinks at Sharkeez on Main Street. Their Lawry's covered tortilla chips are self-serve and unlimited, the way it should be. 

 Photo Credit: Glenwood NYC

Photo Credit: Glenwood NYC

If you're on the East Coast, no worries. Either head to Rockaway to catch some waves or go to Pier 26 for some FREE kayaking at the Downtown Boathouse. Afterwards, head to Caliente Cab for some beers, or try one of their mean margaritas.