Travel Smart Like The Celebrities Do

Let's face it, we all want travel to be seamless and enjoyable - but more often than not it is waiting and wishing that today won't be the day they lose your suitcase, or worse, the day you are squished between two people who are a little more 'friendly' than you could ever imagine. The best way to avoid people when traveling is to look put together and not to be messed with. Ahem, channel you inner Beyonce. She's fierce and constantly on point. Walk around like you too have a swarm of body guards. Take a selfie with your passport (and shoes). But above all, look forward to where you are heading, not where you are at. 

The best way to do that is to connect the dots with a wardrobe that is comfy, conscious and intimidating. Here are a few pro tips on how to smart travel like a celeb. 

Statement Sunglasses

Protip: Every celebrity travels with sunglasses. The are an element of armor in the digital age where everyone is paparazzi. Stir up a little drama with these and who knows, you might end up in an lounge sipping cocktails in no time. 

Illesteva, Eco-Friendly + Handmade | Shop Now


Light White Knits

This white knit is a perfect airplane comfy. It moves and breathes with you. Plus, it is a great piece for beach or poolside when you land. 

Pima Doll, Artisan Made | Shop Now

Your Everything Piece

A scarf is your travel hookup on the go. This is probably the only thing in your wardrobe you will use as a blanket, pillow, sarong, head piece and picnic blanket if you are stuck in a rut. 

A Peace Treaty, Artisan Made Shop Now

Black Slouchy Pants

Ditch the sweats. These slouchy pants are built for comfort, and almost so good that you might wish you could lounge in the cabin a little bit longer.

Everlane, Transparent Production | Shop Now

All Aboard

If you can't fit your essentials - sandals, skin care, iPad, passport, magazine and chocolate cover pretzels in here, then you have overpacked. This bag holds it all, plus a little wiggle room for some extras you pick up along the way. 

Gunas, Vegan Leather | Shop Now

Slip On, No Hassle!

Never ever, ever wear laces up on a plane. Not only will they squeeze your feet as you ascend, they are also a nightmare at security. We think slip ons are the only way to go. These badger-printed loafers add the right element of sophistication to any travel look. 

Bourgeoise Boheme, Vegan + Eco-Friendly | Shop Now


Jesse Ayala

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