The Seed: A Vegan Experience (+ Exclusive Promos)

Every month The Seed, a company that promotes a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, hosts an experience at the Altman Building complete with vegan snacks, beauty products, yoga sessions, speakers, screenings, and more. From desserts to juices to hearty vegan burgers, we're always surprised by how creative the vendors can get with their range of 'cruelty-free' products. 

Next weekend, June 20-21, The Seed is hosting its largest expo and conference at the Brooklyn Expo Center. With over one hundred vendors and many speakers, The Seed promises to inspire and encourage, showcasing environmentally-friendly products and services and holding workshops that will empower and introduce you to a plant-based way of life. We're most excited about the Cruelty-Free Fashion Panel on Sunday at 1 PM, but there are also cooking and yoga classes we can't wait to try out.

Whether you've been vegan for years, are testing the waters, or are just curious about a new lifestyle, there will be plenty to see, do and learn. 

If you want a sneak peak of the types of products and vendors that will be at the expo, you can purchase a Men's, Women's or Lifestyle Seed Box. Each purchase comes with a free weekend long pass to the Seed Expo, and lots of vegan goodies. You can also use GoSeed50 for 50% off your ticket on the Seed website.

Moral of the Story: Exploring a new lifestyle, or delving deeper into your current lifestyle, can be fun, informative, and eye-opening.


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