Stella McCartney and Her Fur-Free Vision for FW15

Winter is coming. No we are not referring to Game of Thrones, we are ogling at the winter campaigns that are beginning to be released. While winter may seem worlds away, in the fashion world it is just about that time to look past the current season and into the next. Once again Stella McCartney  has taken this opportunity to morph the prints and anti-fur mantra of her brand into a dream-like stupor with the help of artist Petra Cortright who plays with digital kitsch as part of her aesthetic. The two have collaborated in the past on video campaigns for Stella, and needless to say this one is just as bizarro. 

FW15 comes in two installments. The first, Snowy, follows Petra as she appears to be trapped in a fashion snow globe of whimsy. The second, Dreamy, follows Petra again in a similar setting where she's twirling and making bubbles. If Jessa from GIRLS was cast in these videos, no doubt this would have been the creative direction she took Stella. 

Take a look (and we included their collaboration on the Stella McCartney X Adidas Sports below). 


Jesse Ayala

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