5 Conscious Foodies You Want To Follow Now

We don't know about you, but we love to eat. What's almost as good as eating is looking at pretty pictures of food. Pictures that not only make our stomachs rumble, but that inspire us to clean up our diets and try something new. Whether you follow a specific diet or are more generally interested in healthy eating, you're sure to find something in these albums to make your mouth water and jumpstart your culinary creativity. 


1. Andrea Frenke, @a_vegan_frenke

This account showcases Andrea's vegan diet in the most colorful way possible. From fancy parfaits to colorful vegetables, the way this author, fitness fiend, and soon-to-be mother mixes and matches ingredients is pleasing to the eye and the stomach!


2. Lily Kunin, @cleanfooddirtycity

As New Yorkers, this blog and insta account captured our hearts. Health Coach Lily Kunin shares clean, simple, and nourishing recipes for busy people like us, promising to help 'navigate a healthy life in the colorful world of NYC.' Yes, please!


3. McKel, @nutritionstripped

This plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free blogger and dietician shares her resources, recipes, and lifestyle through the lens of her iPhone. Plus, there's a few cute dog pictures thrown into the mix.


4. Smorgasburg, @smorgasburg

Okay, we admit that Smorgasburg doesn't always have the healthiest food, but we love supporting local vendors. And who doesn't deserve a cheat day, right? Plus, many of the treats are crafted with organic or locally grown ingredients. 


5. Kimberly Hasselbrink, @kimberleyhasselbrink

We can go to the grocery store and get every kind of food imaginable, but what does seasonal eating look like. Kimberly Hasselbrink shares her methods of creative cooking with us through these snapshots.