Ice Cream To Fight Climate Change. Yes, please!

 Photo Credit: Ben and Jerry's

Photo Credit: Ben and Jerry's

I've been known, more than I'd like to admit, to curl up and eat an entire pint of ice cream. To celebrate, to mourn, to ease stress - there's something about the cool, melty dessert that seems to always make life a little better. So naturally, when new flavors come out I have to know what they're all about. Last year, when Ben and Jerry's came out with their 'Core' ice cream, I didn't think they could do anything to top it. Then came the BRRR-ito, two scoops of ice cream hugged between a chewy waffle 'tortilla' (Chipotle lovers, you need to try this). But most recently, and most meaningfully, Save Our Swirled (SOS) was released, packing a powerful message about climate change. This raspberry-based ice cream is infused with raspberry and marshmallow swirls and dark and white fudge ice cream cones, using the message 'if it's melted it's ruined' to explain the detrimental affects that a changing climate will have on not just ice cream, but on the earth.

Ben and Jerry's has been known to use ice cream as a tool for raising awareness and mobilizing people around hot button issues like marriage equality and corporate spending in political campaigns, and Save Our Swirled is no different. In addition to the ice cream flavor, Ben and Jerry's has set off across the country in a Tesla for the SOS Tour in which they are giving away free ice cream and talking about climate change. They are also making real changes to their supply chain and production practices, and gathering signatures for the Avaaz petition, which calls on leaders of developed nations and the UN to commit to transition to clean energy by 2050 and address the issue at the Paris climate summit that is soon approaching.  

Ben and Jerry's has also been taking steps to reduce the company's impact. They launched carbon offset programs for their Vermont manufacturing facilities as early as 2002. They also work with their farmers to reduce methane emissions, pioneered the Cleaner, Greener Freezer, and more. On top of this, they have pledged to use 100% clean energy by 2020 and will give royalties from the SOS ice cream to their climate change partner organizations. So next time you reach for a container of Ben and Jerry's, don't feel so guilty about eating the whole pint. You're supporting good things, right?

Learn more about what you can do (and where you can get free ice cream) here!

Moral of the Story: Supporting companies that do good can be as easy as a bowl of ice cream. Bon appetit! 

Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

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