We’re Smart Crushing On Social Entrepreneur Karlie Kloss & So Will You!

The five times we have fallen in love again and again with Karlie Kloss.

 Image Credit: Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

Earlier this week Taylor Swift debuted her latest music video for Bad Blood at the American Billboard Awards in Los Angeles -  a first for music video debuts, this video channelled a little bit of Beyonce, a lot of super models and A+ feminism. Alongside the likes of Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, was Karlie Kloss, in a what actually looks more like Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds meets Beyonce’s Girls.

The armor clad supers are the latest iteration of this power clan taken from instagram feeds and placed into a video in what lacks a lot of content, but still made us smile, if only for one reason; Karlie. 

Distinct from her counterparts, Karlie truly stepped out of the traditional supermodel role into a global force for good. We put together a few of our favorite moments from when this bad-ass super  model isn’t prepping for T Swift style smack down. Get ready to glean from this style icon and inspiration: 

1. Karlie The Developer 

#KodeWithKarlie is Karlie's scholarship placing 20 teenage girls into the Flatiron Pre-College Academy's two-week Intro to Software Engineering Course. Karlie took the course last year and has since become a major advocate for the school and coding in general. A predominantly male profession, female developers have come together in MeetUp groups to share experiences all around the country.

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2. Karlie The Designer 

Last year around this time, Karlie stirred up buzz with her partnership with the eyeglass innovators at Warby Parker. Stepping beyond the just brand ambassador, Karlie helped design the 1970s inspired collection. Most Warby's just give one pair when you buy a pair to someone in need, Karlie took her collection a bit further donating money directly to the Edible Schoolyard NYC. This organization works with low-income public schools to build a garden-to-table experience 

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3. Karlie The 3-D Doll 

Yes! We couldn't believe it either that there are two Karlie's in the world. But thanks to the magic of 3-D printing, Karlie has created a version of herself. 

If you can't live without this either, check out My3DTwin to get your own. 








4. Karlie The Athleisure Icon 

Yes, between all of this other stuff (and we haven't even mentioned her modeling career), Karlie is an avid user of activewear for leisure and practicality. Follow her on Instagram @KarlieKloss to see what workout she is doing this week, but I bet it is something new.







 Image Credits for Entire Article from Karlie's Instagram

Image Credits for Entire Article from Karlie's Instagram

5. Karlie The Baker

One of her most famous non-modeling activities is her collaboration with Momofuku's Milk Bar. Yes, Kookies! The head baker Christina Tosi and Karlie came up with all-natural alternatives, like agave nectar, for all of the 'bad' ingredients that people avoid when eating sweets. Like everything else she does, there is a charitable component: buy a tin of ten kookies and provide 60 school meals to children in need all over the world with Feed X Lauren Bush.

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