Up Smart Your Morning Routine (and Save the World)


Water can change everything. 

We talk a lot about bettering yourself here at Row+Rue, but sometimes we forget to mention just how important your environment is to you. Let's do a quick poll.

Question: When was the last time you bought a new shower head? 

Likely Answer: Probably once, to replace the weird one that was in your apartment when you moved in. 

Follow Up Question: Did you think about water saving and EPA standards when making that purchase? 

Your Answer: Maybe?

In case you didn't, no need to fear because we have you covered. Who says that if you don't live in a LEED certified building your apartment can't earn the certification, or at least move towards it?

Here's a big way to start you on that LEED Certified lifestyle, and in turn better your morning ritual.

Introducing the Speakman Reaction Shower Head.

This is an EPA certified shower head that saves water while you wake up in the shower. Don't worry, it doesn't kill the water pressure, instead it changes that way the water is distributed. 

Get your own and you'll have better shower moments than Anna Kendrick (watch below)!