Eco-Advocate Natalie Portman Takes on Cannes & Jackie O. in a #UhHuhHoney Moment

On making her directorial debut and the upcoming biopic that is going to make waves.

This week Natalie Portman wowed photographers in Cannes while making waves at the premiere of her directorial debut film titled "A Tale of Love and Darkness." The film chronicles the life of awarded Israeli author Amos Oz, as their family moves to Israeli during the early 20th century. The story, as in Oz's life, is full of pain, grief and a search for place. In Portman's own life, as the daughter of Israeli immigrants, she moved to the United States at a young age and has gone through similar experiences. 

Portman's influence in the fashion world has only grown with time into motherhood and beyond, which makes sense why she'll be perfect for the upcoming Jackie O. biopic. This role of a lifetime will be a fashion dream of epic camelot proportions with the heartbreaking bad luck trumped by none other than Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones.

View all of her looks from Cannes in the slideshow. 




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