Foragers City Table - A Slow Food Love Story

Take artisanal and organic to the next level with this Chelsea & Dumbo wonder 

With locations in Chelsea and Dumbo, Foragers City Table and Market is a conscious foodie fantasy. A little bit prepared food on the go, a little bit of dine in and a lot of incredible artisan slow foods. If you are in the neighborhood, start your experience like a pro. 

 Image credit: The Daily Mail

Image credit: The Daily Mail

For a sandwich: The Tribeca 

  • A classic french baguette hugs a blend of free-range organic rotisserie chicken with leaves of greens and an incredible garlic aioli spread - which has earned it the the nickname “The Crack Sandwich” in our office. Try it yourself, trust us it won’t become a passing fancy. 

For a juice: The York Street 

  • This beet based blend intertwines carrots, seasonal greens, apple and parsley for a pulpy power kick. Ask to add garlic if you want an extra pick me up. While you are waiting sample the kombucha on tap - depending on the season they infuse the raw kombucha on tap with a carbonated flavor blend. They were doing ginger last summer and it was amazing.  Olivia Palermo loves drinking it as well, while wearing Westward Leaning's of course. 

For a full lunch: The Salad Bar

 Image Credit: Foragers

Image Credit: Foragers

  • Don’t let the pay by the pound scare or fool you. This is actually worth it. Foragers takes pride in their local sourcing and low impact foods, weighing quality higher than anything else. As such the salad bar is the best way to remix so many great things into one meal. We recommend the pasta salad, couscous and fruit. 

And just so you don't get lost, here's a map to both locations:

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