Election2016: Bernie Sanders Outdoing Hillary on Authenticity with Facebook?


73 year old Bernie has thrown caution to the wind on social media, and it’s working.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been in national politics for decades, and both have had to upgrade their game to meet the needs of a ever-changing digital democracy. Since Sander's announcement to run for president he has become the most savvy 73 year old on social media, yet doing it by throwing all conventional social strategy to the wind. 

Part of the magic of his method is the honesty of his posting paired with the lack of click-baiting that has become so commonplace in the social and digital landscape. With upwards of 10K likes to Hillary's approximately 7K likes per post - will Facebook become a qualifier, or at least an indicator of presidential success in the future? Remember President Obama made splashes in social media in 2008, when the platform was new and dominated by early adopters and millennials (the days before your crazy aunt was on Facebook.) 

Here's a breakdown of their strategy thus far: 

Sanders: Unlike most candidates, Sander's posted an article from Mic.com that well, argues his president would end in doom. 

Meanwhile at camp Clinton: Using celebrity endorsements from Beyonce to get you to sign up for the email list! Standard social strategy to leverage a celeb and hook people with emails. 

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Posted by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the other hand Sanders: A complete failure to have a clear call of action. In it's absence came a sea of comments, shares and likes igniting a digital debate.  

When Nike was founded in 1964, just 4% of footwear sold in the U.S. was imported. Today, that number has soared to 98%....

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Friday, May 8, 2015

Oh yes they did! A perfect #ThrowBackThursday from Team Hillary. Power powder pink pant suit and all chatting about human rights in China.

A Throwback Thursday that rings truer than ever today: “Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights."–Hillary Clinton, U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing, 1995

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Well at least they are talking about issues we are interested in, ahem, human rights, US-manufacturing, and Beyonce. 


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