Conscious Design: 4 Kickstarter Campaigns Connecting You to Your Things


Make you the centerpiece of your stuff. 

Our top picks for Kickstarter campaigns are taking conscious design to the next level - developing solutions for global problems with style. Feel free to share this article and individual campaigns. The key is getting the word out!

The Zero Waste Cap

Annoyed by lost lotion at the bottom of the bottle? The Zero-Waste Cap is here to solve that problem, reduce plastic bottle waste and make sure you get your money's worth when it comes to lotion. 

Better Re: Up-cycled Power Pack 

Awaken your discarded phone batteries, with this power pack that is up-cycles them to keep fueling your devices. Created with up-cycled metals and wood exteriors, reducing impact where it can.  

The Solar Puff: The Unique Little Solar Light 

Replacing the harmful kerosene that is the dominant fuel and light source in the developing world, founders Alice & Stacey have developed an origami inspired solution to this problem. 

The Mitto : The Sustainable Alternative to the Electric Kettle

So much water is wasted with the conventional kettle. The excess energy used could light the whole of England's street light system. The founders aim to change that with this sleek design that is both versatile and practical to use. 


Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

Developing social good and value-adding products, Ayala seeks to enhance culture and behavior through experiences that address both macro- and micro-level problems. This mantra has led Ayala down an non-traditional career path, linking fashion, technology, performance art, media, education, community building, and design. Ayala has been honored by the Huffington Post and InStyle magazine for innovation and style in the digital new economy. Ayala is the co-founder and Creative Director of