Your New Summer Lip Colors. 3 Thoughtful Must Haves...

Now that it's almost summer, jackets are coming off, dresses are getting fun and flirty and there's a little romance in the air.  As flowers bloom so should your color palette. Among the ways to add color, our favorite is lip color.  Adding a bold or soft lip color can dramatically change the outfits appearance, but more importantly change the way you feel that day.  It can change the amount of confidence you bring with you into a meeting, the way you hold your head all day long, ultimately changing who knows how many different outcomes for better or worse.  Now if you knew all along that your lip color had this much power, wouldn't you choose a little more carefully?

Go Bold

with Wild Plum by Hemp Organics


Stay Polished

with Pink Satin by Hemp Organics

Jesse Ayala

New York, New York, USA

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