Streamline Your Look Like Mr. Lagerfeld (And Reduce Your Impact)

We are intrigued by the idea of a uniform.  We’re not talking about being a fire fighter or working for the post office, but you can’t help but admire the simplicity and elegance of those few people who can cut through the clutter and hit upon one look to take them through their lives.

Steve Jobs famously wore only jeans, a black mock turtleneck and sneakers, and by doing so forever changed our idea of what a corporate executive looks like.  As everyone knows, Mark Zuckerberg wears only gray t-shirts and black hoodies.  'The uniform' goes beyond fashion-phobe tech people. There are even more examples of a fashion uniform in creative fields.  Jonny Cash only wore black, so much so that he was commonly known as “The Man In Black”.  The author, Fran Lebowitz wears only black pantsuits and white shirts.  Even more interesting are the fashion designers and editors who have a uniform.  Michael Kors wears black t-shirts and black jackets and Karl Lagerfeld only wears black suits, white shirts, with a tie (or bowtie) and sunglasses.  Even the queen bee of style, Anna Wintour, has a signature hairstyle and sunglasses.  For all these people, a uniform is a way to simplify their life and allows them to focus on their other (often creative) endeavors, but that’s not what most fascinated us about the uniform.
It feels like these people have hit upon something deep about themselves and have found the clothes to translate that.  For those of us who don’t yet know who we are, the idea that you could find a look to encapsulate yourself is undeniably attractive.  The uniform is a way to brand yourself to the outside world and perhaps more importantly, to yourself.  One uniform wearer described the appeal of looking like you have everything together, even when you don’t, and we can all identify with those days that we just throw something on as we run out the door and then feel off all day.  With a uniform that would never happen.  If a strict uniform is too intense for you (it was for us, despite trying!), you can easily streamline your wardrobe by re-thinking what you buy and focusing more on quality and less on trends. We think that the sustainable clothes on Modavanti are a great place to start!

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