Make Your Home More Sustainable With These Must Have Items

Who couldn't use a little brightening up around the house this time of year.  Throwing holiday parties and family gathering, it is always nice to have a new look that brings the whole room together.  Now I'm not talking a whole new make over, extreme style, though wouldn't that be nice.  I am talking about three pieces you can add that not only catch the eye of any visitor, are a breath of fresh air to your kitchen, living room, etc., and they make you feel good as well as look good. I know sounds like a lot of work for such a sublet change, but these are not your ordinary room accents. 


1. First off we have the pillows. Pillows can be added to any sofa, chair, or window seat and add instant color, comfort and be a great topic for discussion.  

The Decorative pillow covers in Mod Pod Green Apple, Pumpkin Orange and Teal by Tilonia  has artisans who handcraft their designs to deliver a one of a kind product because they are hand made each varies slightly from one to the next.  All of the profits fund the educational training programs for the artisans who create these amazing products.  

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most conscious of them all?

We all know Americans are the most vain. We might pretend that "mirrors add more light" or that "mirrors add depth to the room," but reality is that we really just like looking at ourselves. Guess what? There is nothing wrong with that. If we are going to put mirrors everywhere why not hang mirrors that fit your values. Try these recycled/sustainably crafted mirrors from one of the coolest home goods shops Bambeco: Antique Blue Medallion Tin Mirror, Antique White Floral Tin Mirror, or this Reclaimed Wine Barrel Ring Mirror.


3. You can never run out of ways to use bowls and baskets throughout the home. 

Indego Africa and the artisans who hand make their products truly have a skill for creating these bowls and baskets. The Hanging Flower Pot in Pink - Peace Basket Triangles - Silver Plateau Basket - Geometric Gold Plateau Basket - Orange Burst Plateau Basket are all unique features that instantly change the scenery they are placed in. All of the profits fund educational training programs for the women who handcrafted these pieces.