9 Valentine's Gifts that Say I Love You and The Environment

It seems right now that the world could use a little more love. With that in mind here are Valentine's gifts that are sure to give your partner the butterflies and spread love to the environment too. 

1. Love Sweater in Navy by People Tree

Share the love with this Navy cotton crewneck sweater by People Tree. 

This sweater is organic and fair trade so it not only shows your commitment to love, it gives love to others and our earth as well! 







2. Live and Love Sweatshirt by People Tree

Live your values and love deeply in this Live and Love Organic Fairtrade sweatshirt by People Tree. 










3. Rainbow Sweatshirt in Grey Melange by People Tree

 Show you heart equality with this Fair Trade and Organic sweatshirt. Love is love is love.










4. Big Spoon, Little Spoon Bracelet Set by Article22


Let's spoon! A good date starts with a meal and end with a spoon... What's more a romantic  Valentine's date than one with a bottle of nice wine, a few truffles and some consensual cuddles.

Show your partner your always there for him/her with these Article22 matching Big Spoon, Little Spoon bracelets. 

Made from recycled unexploded land mines dropped in Laos during the Vietnam War, these bracelets are proof that even during difficult times, love and beauty will eventually shine through

5. Heart Bracelet in Red by Mujus

Show your partner you love her with this heart bracelet by Mujus. Made by artisan women in Ecuador from tangua (fallen tree nuts), your love for the environment will be real too.







6. Heart Pendant in Red by Mujus

Give a gift that of love that stays close to her heart. Made by artisan women in Ecuador from tangua (fallen tree nuts), your love for the environment will be real too.










7. Passion of Love Gift Set by Essence of Vali

Indulge in "passion", the spicy, sweet, earthy blend of orange, ginger & patchouli from Essence of Vali. An aphrodisiac formula created to inspire romantic moments for you and your partner, this Valentine's day and always. Be enveloped in the sensuality of the fragrance and feel of the golden Jojoba on your skin as you bathe and experience the pleasure of massage.




8. Sleep Travel Set by Essence of Vali

Sleep is Essence of Vali's most popular blend as it eases people into a peaceful sleep and comforts them during times of stress. This is the perfect set to get you and your partner caught up on sleep in time for your big Valentine's date.





9. Moisture Essentials By Nyl

Nyl's organic + vegan Moisture Essentials package contains everything you need to be perfectly moisturized head to toe. Drop some in the bath, let it bubble and enjoy a romantic night together!