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Meet Our Team of Conscious Collaborators 

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Style Contributor


So WHAT DOES conscious MEAN?

We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world where what 'conscious' means is constantly getting better. As each day passes we come across amazing and inspiring things that change our perspective AND change they way we live. Everything we include on Row+Rue touches at least one of our core values that together define what it means to be conscious.

Check them out, and let us know what you think.


This means they don't use toxins or pesticides in the production of the goods, from seed to you the are safe to wear. This matters because most clothing and goods are sprayed with harmful chemicals to keep pests away during the growth and transportation processes... If you think those chemicals don't harm you, think again.


Fair Trade is the standard of production that treats makers, cooperatives and factories overseas in developing countries as equals. Fair Trade believes that when you respect, instead of exploit, it has a positive and lasting impact on communities. How's that for treating others as you want to be treated?


Vegan is a lifestyle that omits animals from the consumption process - spanning across food and into clothing, jewelry, shoes and makeup. Vegan goods use no animals anywhere in the process of their production. 


Recycled or Upcycled products take old things and make new things out of them. This takes so many forms from dead stock fabrics left to rot, to used products salvaging what is usable to give them a second life. We are constantly surprised hot on trend and attractive these goods look season after season...


Ethical Production is the commitment and follow through to uphold human rights in the making of products. This can and should be applied all situations from a makers studio in Brooklyn to a factory in Shenzhen, China. In the aftermath of factory disasters in recent years in the developing world, designers globally are taking more action than ever to ensure human rights, pay, safety, and opportunity are available and upheld.  #SweatshopFree

Make laws and enforce them! These countries and regions have stringent production and workers safety laws in place, ensuring that goods are made in ethical conditions. We also realize that many people value the local nature of production and we make special note of these. We acknowledge that sweatshops do exist in these places and encourage action to be taken against with the help of the law to stop exploitation at home and abroad


So much usable cotton is thrown away before it ever reaches your hands - and a lot of that is because of design waste. By fixing and adjusting practices producers can minimize the straight-to-waste pathway - minimizing their total environmental impact. And we hear it is economical...


"They don't make it like they used too" - well actually they do. Artisans use generations and centuries old tried and true traditions to make goods that kick-ass in our time. Artisans are operating in every corner of the world, from women's jewelry cooperatives in Kenya to artisan shoemakers in Peru.


These products take the environment into consideration when they are made - and boy are there so many flavors of this. From dying tactics to water reduction denim washing to biodegradability. Basically every brand and product is doing something different - all edging towards a more harmonious existence with nature.


This by itself we don't consider conscious, but when paired with another one of our standards is an extra added bonus that gives back. Whether its a buy one, give one donation system or a hard percentage cut goes to charity, we believe this can have positive impacts in areas of real need. 


This takes a "you be the judge" approach - meaning brands lay out what they are doing, how they are doing it, who is involved, the cost of production and all of the extras. They break down the price, and let you decide if it something you can support. This transparency trend started a few years ago and has spread across basically every product category. It's kind of amazing...

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